Welcome to my updated Book section. I have written four books for David and Charles:
Oriental Cross Stitch       101 Weekend Cross Stitch Gifts
Fantasy Cross Stitch        Travel the World in Cross Stitch

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ORIENTAL CROSS STITCH This exquisite collection of over 30 cross stitch designs sets out to give you an insight into a unique style that we are
privileged to enjoy, with ideas taken from the ancient art, culture, pottery,
textiles and plants of the Far East.Using colours and materials that evoke the sumptuous finish of Oriental dress and interiors, these elegant and exotic cross stitch designs will bring a touch of the Orient to your home.

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FANTASY CROSS STITCH Discover a wealth of spellbinding versatile designs that can be transferred into a range of charming projects. In addition to detailed pictures, many smaller motifs are provided, perfect for conjuring up cards, gifts and keepsakes in an instant.
The designs are highly versatile, and suggestions are made throughout for ways
to use the designs for smaller projects.

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Over 350 quick – to – stitch motifs  for perfect presents.

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Over 350 quick – to – stitch motifs for the perfect presents.
It is the sentiment behind a gift that counts and a hand crafted, personalized gift is sure to be treasured. In this book you will find 101 gift ideas to inspire you.
All the motifs are quick to stitch using colour keys provided. They are also flexible and can be presented in many ways. You can either make your gift exactly as shown or adapt the designs according to the time you have for stitching.
‘ I hope you will have a lot of fun making gifts your family and friends will treasure’ …..Lesley x

The following list is of some that I have contributed to:
Cross Stitch Greetings Cards
Cross Stitch Angels
Cross Stitch Fairies
Magical Cross Stitch
Quick to Stitch Cross Stitch
Countryside Collection
Teddy bears in Cross Stitch
Countdown to Christmas

They are full of ideas for all types of cross stitch projects. Many of them can be found in your local library or at Amazon.


14 comments on “Books

  1. Robin says:

    Very nice designs

  2. Nicola Green says:

    Hi, I’ve seen a picture of your sweet nativity cross stitch pattern and I’ve hunted all over for it. Any advice? My mum has 15 grandchildren who put on nativity play to the family so I was going to do the picture as a gift.

    Hope you can help

    • Hi Nicola, I have two Grandchildren so rather a long way to go the catch up!! They are a joy though. I have designed a lot of Nativity scenes from small, cute ones to much larger complex pictures. Any chance of a picture……….or description of the one you want?
      Thanks for getting in touch as I will always try and help with this sort of request, Lx

  3. Nicola Green says:

    Hi, it’s the one with about 12 children in nativity costumes, looking like they have just done a play, baby angels crawling around.. Hope that helps xx

  4. Nicola Green says:

    Thankyou x

  5. Wendy Feal says:

    Lovely books! Your designs are beautiful, and I didn’t know about the Oriental Lady’s designs book. I will look for that one. Your designs for the magazines are beautiful too 🙂 I’m glad to hear you are still designing. Do you arrange for your patterns to be done as chart leaflets like Joan Elliot? I have your Prince of Egypt chart from Cross Stitch Gold, but lost my Cleopatra magazine in a flood and that magazine is very hard to find, and I think a lot of people are wanting to stitch your beautiful Cleopatra! Is she available in another place besides that issue? Thank you very much, and I look forward to seeing more of your designs.

    • Hi Wendy
      Yes, I am planning to sell charts on my blog, hopefully in the New Year….busy with designing and moving house have taken their toll to getting a few things under way. I will be in touch about the Cleopatra design and yes, she will be one that will eventually be available as a chart, to buy.

  6. Wendy Feal says:

    Thank you so very much, Leslie! And I also wanted to thank you for the series of the Zodiac, I plan on doing them all on one piece of fabric. Your style is so distinctive and beautiful. I hope to always see more of your designs!

  7. Deborah Smith says:

    I bought your book 101 weekend gifts looking for the the gingerbread house that is so special. It’s not in there. Can you tell me where to find it?

    • I’m sorry about that Deborah, but I hope you will find lots of designs that you will enjoy stitching in the book. The Gingerbread House design was originally published in one of the needlework magazines and there is a delay of 6 month before I am able to re -use it. You will be pleased to hear that that time has come! At present I am finalising my new website that will have a Chart Shop so this design will be one of the charts that will be available. I am hoping to have everything ready for the change over within the next two weeks. Hope this will help, Lx

  8. unone says:

    I want to know where can I get to purchase or have it free the Oriental cushion pattern by Lesley Teare. Thanks in advance.

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