Japanese crane

I adore oriental imagery, whether it is in paintings, decorative pottery or needlework. Here is my picture of a crane that reminds me of Japanese designs found on fine bone china plates and vases.

Oriental legend holds that the crane lives for a 1,000 years and in Japanese, Chinese and Korean tradition the bird represents peace and long life. Throughout Asia it is the symbol for peace, happiness, purity and fidelity and its image is used for happy occasions such as weddings and births.

Oriental crane 001

This simple but impressive design of a majestic crane is brought to life in stunning summery shades of corals and mint greens; find it in the latest GOLD magazine, issue 112

If like me you enjoy this style of design, then you may like to look out for a design called Crane Wedding which is from my book, Oriental Cross Stitch.
The elegant crane 001

I have used the design to personalize a ready – made album by stitching the design on a length of linen band ,but it can be stitched on 14 count Aida just as easily. Red is an auspicious colour in the Far East, associated with warmth and denoting good fortune and the gold thread adds an attractive sparkle. The design for the ring cushion echoes the gold and red theme of the album. Both pieces are finished off with a stylish carved red heart and simple white tassel.


2 comments on “Japanese crane

  1. cnedra says:

    sublime !! I really love cranes, these ones are really wonderfull !!

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