Birds of a feather

In CARD magazine, issue 97, there are some simple designs to stitch. Birds of a feather are full of colour and together with traditional blackwork create a bright, summery look. They require a bit more patience, but with whole stitches, a few fractionals and straightforward back stitch nothing too difficult. Here are four of the six designs available:

Birds of a feather 001

For really easy designs to stitch, especially if you are a tea addict, then look no further than ‘Time for tea’

Tea time

They look really decorative, yet each design is stiched in one main colour with just a few black cross stitches for the lid and the base of the pot.

Two more birthday cards are also in this issue for August and September………….Birthday card for August 001Birthday card for September 001
These are designed especially for summer celebrations with tempting cocktails and beautiful kites…………


2 comments on “Birds of a feather

  1. Pam Smart says:

    I would love to stitch the Birds of a Feather charts which you said were in CARD magazine 97. I have searched for a magazine called Card and found various other ones with similar names. Help please

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