Hydrangea hanging

Along with the lavender wreath comes another design for a flower, this time the hydrangea. I’m never quite certain how fond I am of this one. They can look brilliant in tubs and I’m always amazed at the sight of a large plant with a profusion of blooms in quite a small pot! We have though, planted a couple in the garden which I think during the next couple of months should look good; time will tell. The heads can look quite spectacular during the colder months, especially when coated with frost………
Mini Hydrangea hanging 001
As usual in Cross Stitch collection all the instructions are included for making this mini hanging. Wire hangers come in all shapes and sizes and can be found on the Craft Department website: http://www.thecraftdepartment.com

If like me you are interested in Craft in general, then do have a look at Rebecca Bradshaw’s “Crafty ideas” for inspiration. Rebecca is the editor of this magazine and is brilliant at sewing and all things to do with Craft. Last month’s issue had how to make your own beautiful box frame and this month it’s her secret love of aprons!
Crafty aprons 001Apron patterns 001

I thought this article was wonderful. I can see it ‘catching on’ and we will all be apron mad!

Just to let you know that Cross Stitch Collection has also brought out a book with 56 gorgeous projects based on flowers, which as you know is a subject that I love. It is very good value with cards, samplers, cushions and pictures and plenty of fantastic quick-stitch gift ideas. Plus a giant chart featuring a sumptuous bouquet to stitch, as well as one of the fabulous flower fairies. Go to: http://www.my favouritemagazines.co.uk


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