Happily Ever After

This modern style wedding sampler was in the last issue of World of Cross Stitching, issue 216WOX Wedding sampler - SimulationThe beautiful border is made up of traditionally themed motifs, worked in lovely bright, pretty shades for a thoroughly modern twist. Although the shapes are simple there is still plenty of detail, created using a variety of stitches and colours. And of course, many parts of the design can be stitched as single motifs that will make splendid cards for that very special day…just add your own sentiments to make it really personal.

I have one extra thing to say though on this design; the photography isn’t good. The colours, that I have so carefully chosen, look rather grey and muddy in the magazine………..I have added a thumbnail so that you can compare…….. but I do assure you they should look like the picture above!

Happily ever after 001


2 comments on “Happily Ever After

  1. Zlatina says:

    The sampler was the main reason I bought this issue of the magazine, even with the less bright photo it looks great! I love the bright colours and the “cute drawing” style.

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