Fancy Florals

Well, I now know many of you, like me, enjoy stitching flowers without backstitches which really allows the colours to shine through. So, put a smile on your face with one of these splendid blooms that are to be found in the latest edition of Card Shop,(issue 96)
Fancy florals 001 Florals 001The subjects are shown in close – up, so you can see all the fine details. There are no fractional stitches in any of these designs, which is great news for beginners. The only tip is to organise your threads and keep your place on the chart and you’ll be OK.
I love the way Medina, the editor, has finished the cards by adding a lovely light, fresh coloured green ribbon; I think it sets the flowers off a treat.


3 comments on “Fancy Florals

  1. passionbroderie77 says:

    It’s super, i like this flowers.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The colour of the Anemones is just beautifull, so Bright and clever shadowed…I will stitch them all and have like a “stock”, then I will send them to my friends to cheer them up! I just love it!

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