Pretty Rose

I’m already getting into summer mode;  now that the evenings are drawing out and the weather is at last getting warmer. There are six new climbing roses that we have planted around the new pergola that our local blacksmith has made for us…………I’ll get a photo up on my blog once the flowers start to appear…… here, in the mean time,  is a pretty one to stitch, ENJOY, Lx



BLOG  Rose card - SimulationBLOG  Rose card
BLOG  Rose card KEY


7 comments on “Pretty Rose

  1. sylvie maminou says:

    magnifique grille de rose, un grand merci
    amitié de brodeuse
    sylvie maminou

  2. superbe un grand merci, amitiés

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Beautifull Roses – they just cheer me up today as we have had rain…
    Thank You so much for giving us these georgeous charts free – it is much appreciated…

  4. Lily says:

    Lovely! Thank you for this gift 🙂

  5. cnedra says:

    just beautiful, very gracious rose. Many thanks for this gift 🙂

  6. Beaj says:

    Great card, Thanks for the Lovely design..:)

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