Floral fairytale

My bright flower fairy should have you smiling. The idea came from a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson with the line: ‘The earth laughs in flowers.’ which obviously appeals to my flowery senses.
Flower girl - Simulation I remembered the iconic drawings from the sixties fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, whose long-legged, wide eyed figures would be the perfect model to base this fairy on.

Floral fairytale 001This latest design is to be found in Cross Stitch Collection, issue 235. The design uses vibrant greens, deep magentas and baby blues and I love the way it has been displayed on a simple, but pretty wire hanger.

If you wish to purchase a hanger like this, then take a look at Debbie Cripps website: http://www.craftdepartment.com for a really good range in several different sizes and styles.

And here are some of the lovely drawings that I found from the Barbara Hulanicki archives.biba-illustrations

She was born in Poland but raised in England, Babara Hulanicki OBE is deservedly recognised now as a British fashion icon. She was awarded an OBE for Services to Fashion in 2012 Queen’s New Year Honours. It’s worth checking her site out if you are interested in fashion and design.


One comment on “Floral fairytale

  1. cnedra says:

    ohhh, she’s really beautiful !

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