Latest designs

Two of my latest designs can be found in issue 234 of Cross Stitch Collection; one a beautiful oriental floral arrangement of peonies and a small bird. It is a Japanese inspired cross stitch design that uses fresh colours and the gorgeous Kreinik gold braid which gives an extra special sparkle to the finished design.

Oriental floral delight

I love working on any oriental based designs. This bird with peonies and plum blossom is no exception and was a joy to design and convert into the chart for stitching.

I love the way that Amanda, the editor, has dealt with the finished piece of stitching by mounting it in a gilt frame that echoes the colour and shimmer of the glorious gold metallic threads.

Age of opulence

This second design – the first was this CSC 18 century shoe & flowers 2 - Simulationlovely lace shoe for the 18th century – celebrates the colour and luxury of the next (19th) century with gorgeous shades of turquoise bursting with details of metallic threads and beads.

Delicate shoe design with flowersThe nineteenth century was an age of invention, especially in the textile trade where wonderful new colours became available to the fashion trend setters. Here I have used shades of turquoise for the shoe to compliment the beautiful pink roses and mauve clematis.

The seed beads around the bow and along the trails left by the exquisite butterfly make this a design I am really pleased with and I hope you will want to stitch it.

Lesley x


4 comments on “Latest designs

  1. jcjulieann says:

    The peonies design is so pretty with nice fresh colours. I agree the gilt frame sets it off a treat.

  2. Bartie says:

    Wow, the peonies design is wonderful and I simple love ‘your shoes’. I hope there are more to come.

    • I love them too. It will be up to Rebecca Reid, the new editor of Cross Stitch Collection, but I hope she gives me the chance to progress through the centuries……….I haven’t any quite this old, but I do have rather a lot of them!!…..Lx

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