Beautiful peacock

I hope that this magnificent peacock design will be a sheer joy to stitch with its palette of brightly coloured stranded cottons and metallic threads.
Beautiful peacock 001

This glorious bird is to be found in the latest edition of GOLD magazine, issue 109

As you probably know by now, I find it a delight to create detailed designs and this peacock with its vibrant colours is just one those special ones. These beautiful creatures are one of my favourite subjects to work on, and, in this picture, the peacock is standing proudly amongst stylised flowers and butterflies that make a perfect frame for him.

The detailing on the feathers 001This design is quite large and will be more suitable for the experienced stitcher . However, for those of you who are gaining stitching experience,  smaller parts of the design will be alright to work on, especially if you stitch the motifs on to Aida fabric. The flowers and butterflies would be a good place to start and would make a lovely card or pincushion.

Designer secrets 001I have just added the section with my Designer secrets………………I  hope you will enjoy this design as much as me. Lx


4 comments on “Beautiful peacock

  1. Hannah says:

    Just gorgeous Lesley! Love to see your designs as covers on the newsstand. This one really sung out at me.

  2. I loved stitching this one

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